The union makes the strength

when there is the DAO

We were born from the common idea of bringing functionality to the crypto world given the presence of unnecessary tokens

Your opinion counts. That is why we will be able to channel the capital into a common investment voted through DAO. To make a profit and go to the moon.

Are u ready?

Each $MBOY has a certain decision value. Every month there will be new proposals on where to channel the money, among these there may be investments on NFTs, P2E, Coins and Tokens

Is it SAFU?

Ownership is renounced and liquidity is locked. Moreover, team members will always be ready to answer you if you have any questions.

It’s time to get to the moon. With the whole team, together. Are you ready?

Frequently asked questions:

When is the launch?

The initial launch of $MBOY fractions will be through Pinksale on .... How-to guide.

Tired of investing in the next SCAM?

$We will join forces and analysis, to channel the capital collected by the DAO in a token or a NFT chosen by the community, holding or reselling it according to the choices of the community. Learn more on Discord..

Comments Storming

Given the vastness of the community thanks to the DAO we can choose a common thought and storm a social post on the dumbest crypto guru to make him change his mind.

Has more questions?

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